Hi there,

My name is Jason Gieng and I’m a Product and Service Designer looking for new opportunities in Melbourne, Australia.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with some amazing people and teams in technology and product companies, and marketing, advertising, design and digital agencies – in full time, part time, contract and freelance capacities. I have an educational background in Business and Marketing (B. Comm, UNSW) and Visual Design (Dip. Graphic Design, CATC Design), as well as on-going learning UX Design (Industry Mentor Program, Tractor Design) and Product Management (General Assembly).

I bring with me over 6 years of design experience bringing strategy to life across Product, Service, Digital, Brand and Visual Identity, Marketing and Advertising, and Communications. In my time I've worked on a large variety of different projects and products, ranging from small-to-medium sized B2B, B2C and NFP organisations to large FMCGs and multinationals.

Why Product and Service Design?

I have a love for the thought processes, methodologies and considerations involved in designing intuitive, effective experiences, functions and interactions that empower the people that use them.

At the end of the day, my goal is to explore new technologies and help create unique experiences that are loveable, memorable, and meaningful.

What I have to offer:

  • Experience in Product Design (UX/UI); from research, designing information architecture, wireframes and creating prototypes (including using tools like Axure, Marvel, and Invision), through to high fidelity interfaces and interactions, usability testing and user validation.
  • Experience in Service Design; identifying and approaching a user problem from a holistic view of a service's ecosystem, and understanding it by breaking down the pieces that make it tick.
  • Strong knowledge in Product Strategy, from defining problem statements to designing value propositions that are both viable and feasible for organisations.
  • Proven ability in solving problems and providing solutions, from concepts through to deliverables with hard deadlines.
  • Strong understanding of HCD thinking, strategy and methodologies, and how to apply this to create organisational transformation.
  • Facilitation skills, running workshops, design sprints, and studios to co-create solutions with key stakeholders.
  • Strong practical and technical visual design knowledge (Adobe Creative Suite – Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop)
  • An open mind that is creatively driven, strategically focused and user centred
  • Experience working with team members from many different disciplines (e.g. product managers, web and software developers, motion artists, 3D graphic designers, photographers)
  • Proven ability to work with high-level stakeholders including C-suite and Executive Leadership teams
  • Multifaceted knowledge and experience across design and technology
  • A well-rounded perspective on people, process and product
  • Adaptability and flexibility in this crazy world of change
  • An honest opinion and (what I hope to be) a fresh perspective
  • Pride and integrity in my work

What I find important:

  • A focus on discovering and solving problems for real people
  • Working with nimble, energetic and responsive teams
  • Having a team that is willing to challenge my thoughts, abilities and ideas, and to be challenged themselves
  • A belief in conversations over communications, and interactions over impressions
  • Rewarding products with measurable results (analytics are key)
  • Valuing iteration over perfection
  • Experimentation and learning
  • People, culture, coffee (order may vary depending on my mood and energy levels)